Magical Mystery Tour


The Magical Mystery Tour is a work project of HVO-Querido.

Every week we make a trip with our coach in a radius of 70 kilometers around Amsterdam, alternating on a Friday, a Saturday or a Sunday.

The first boarding place is at 10.15 am at the Center de Tour and the Masira on the Delflandtlaan.

the second boarding place is at 10.30 am at the Judith van Swethuis and Centrum de Miranda in the Peelstraat.

At 10.45 am you are welcome at the Center Robert Koch park. From here we drive to the lunch spot at 11 am.

Every week we go to another nice lunch spot where we eat our home-made lunch including sandwiches, coffee, tea and milk. 

When everyone is saturated, we board the bus again and drive to the destination.

This can be anything, the beach, a museum, an annual fair, a festival, a castle or you name something nice, which is not too expensive and no further than an hour's drive from Amsterdam, and we go there.

We have already visited many great places and it is different every week.

Everyone connected to HVO-Querido can use this as a passenger; the personal contribution to the day is € 5 per person, if you are a neighbor, family, friend or otherwise, we ask a contribution of € 10 per person (this includes lunch and does not include any entrance fees).

If you are connected to HVO-Querido, you can also be an employee of the MMT project (after all, it is a work project, see also ). Employees can perform various tasks such as co-driver, buddy, lunch employee, office worker, trip organizer or something else.

Employees do not pay a personal contribution, but they do receive a volunteer allowance of € 1 per person per hour with a maximum of € 20 per person per week.

For information contact:

Irene Meijer 06 51325068 or Hanneke Vink 06 208 234 32 


MMT Travel Agency

Robert Kochplantsoen 35

1097 GG Amsterdam

Telephone 020 427 81 72